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Einführung der Barcode-Scanfunktion


Entering new destinations is definitely the most time consuming part of creating a route. That’s is why we are always looking at ways to save time. Today, we are introducing barcode scanning. A lot of carriers offer them on their packages, the information is there for us to pick up!

When you scan a barcode, the following information will get filled automatically in the correct fields: address, contact’s name, phone number and the tracking number. That just saved you typing as many as 200 characters!

Once you’ve scanned a barcode, the app will offer you to review the information scanned. From there, you can add the destination or cancel. Once you make your choice, the app is ready to scan again! Once you’ve added all your destinations, use the Calculate optimal route menu item to find the best route.

At the moment, we only support barcodes for the following carriers: Fedex, Ontrac and Purolator. We’ll add more as we get more example. If you have a barcode that the app can’t scan, please share it with us!

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