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Efficiently Manage Campaign Signs with Droppath

This tutorial is for All .

In today’s digital era, political campaigns rely heavily on innovative tools to expand their outreach and enhance visibility. Droppath emerges as a potent application designed specifically to aid campaign teams in the strategic placement of their signs along routes, ensuring maximum exposure to potential supporters. This tutorial aims to provide comprehensive guidance on effectively utilizing Droppath to position your campaign signs for maximum impact.

  1. Download and Install Droppath #

    • Visit the app store on your mobile device and search for Droppath.
    • Click on the app and download it to your device.
    • Once downloaded, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to get Droppath ready on your device.
  2. Import data or open an old route #

    If you built your route with Droppath previously, open it. You can also import a list of location from a CSV into a new route.

  3. Find the Optimal Route #

    It’s time to install the signs but you first need to find the best route through all your stops.

    • Tap on the lightning icon. Verify that the settings are correct and tap on Optimize.
  4. Visit your signs. #

    • Tap on Start and start visiting your signs (called Destinations in the app).
    • For each visited sign, verify if it needs to be replaced or removed, tap Success to move to the next sign. You can use Failed to mark some differently and revisit them later.

Using Droppath, the task of managing or removing your campaign signs along routes becomes effortlessly streamlined. By adhering to the instructions outlined in this tutorial, you can leverage Droppath’s functionalities to tactically place your signs for optimal visibility and effectiveness. Begin today and witness your campaign signs leaving a lasting impression on your intended audience.

Ready to get started? Download the app on your phone or tablet.