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How to plan the placement of your Campaign Signs

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In today’s digital age, political campaigns rely on innovative tools to maximize their outreach and visibility. Droppath is a powerful app designed to help campaign teams strategically place their signs along routes, ensuring optimal exposure to potential supporters. In this tutorial, we’ll walk you through how to use Droppath effectively to place your campaign signs for maximum impact.

  1. Download and Install Droppath #

    • Visit the app store on your mobile device and search for Droppath.
    • Click on the app and download it to your device.
    • Once downloaded, launch the app and follow the on-screen instructions to get Droppath ready on your device.
  2. Create a Route #

    All of your work will be stored in a route. You will be able to export this data for analysis in a spreadsheet application or to combine all signs in a single document.

    • Go the My Routes tab and tap on the + sign. Select Empty Route.
  3. Strategically Place Your Signs #

    • Use Droppath’s map interface to navigate to each location where signs should be placed. Ensure that signs are placed in high-visibility areas with permission from property owners, if necessary.
    • You can press and hold on the map to create a new marker. Do that to mark where each sign should be installed.
    • Once your location is marked, you can customize the new entry, called “Destination”, with relevant information such as the type of sign you just placed. You can use the color to mark different types of signs.
  4. Find the Optimal Route #

    It’s time to install the signs but you first need to find the best route through all your stops.

    • Tap on the lightning icon. Verify that the settings are correct and tap on Optimize.
  5. Drive your route #

    • Tap on Start and start visiting your signs (called Destinations in the app).
    • For each installed sign, tap Success and move to the next sign. You can use Failed to mark places where you couldn’t install them to revisit them later.
  6. Export Data for Coordination #

    • After placing your signs, you can export the data from Droppath to share with your campaign team.
    • Click on the “…” button at the top left and select the option to export as a CSV file. This file can be shared with your team to coordinate sign placement efforts and track progress.

With Droppath, the process of picking the ideal placement of campaign signs along designated routes is remarkably simplified. By adhering to the detailed instructions provided in this tutorial, you can effectively employ Droppath’s functionalities to strategically position your signs, ensuring they garner maximum visibility and influence. Embark on this journey today and observe as your campaign signs leave a substantial impact on your desired audience.

Ready to get started? Download the app on your phone or tablet.